Attempting the impossible!

Every time that I have tried to sketch my husbands face in the past it has never come out right.

I would always be nervous about messing it up and he would always be nervous about his looks so he would keep moving frequently.

This time I found a solution! 😛 I picked up one of his good pictures and used that as a muse!

Needless to say that the model was much more patient this time and I was a little less nervous.

The result came out pretty satisfactory and got endorsed by family and friends.

It also won the approval of my husband himself! 🙂

It sounds cliche but achieving something after a struggle makes the reward kind of sweet 🙂

My lovely grey sketchbook now has a sketch of me and my husband on consecutive pages. That just makes it even more dear to me.

My new grey sketchbook

Recently I got this new Strathmore toned grey hardbound journal. I have tested it with Faber Castell Pitt Brush Markers and Prismacolor Color pencils. And it responded so well to both the mediums.

I personally love the way white pops out on this background. It just makes every drawing look more close to reality as compared to a plain white background. I love working on it with the colored pencils now.

Here is my first colored pencil drawing of my breakfast a few days back:


The self portrait that I recently drew surprised me by how much I was able to achieve without having to consume the whole of my skin tone color pencil!


Here are some of my initial drawings in the Metropolitan Museum in New York with my fellow Sketchbook Skoolers and our faculty Mr. Tommy Kane

Armors Mummy

Its safe to say that I will be doing much more sketching in this sketchbook in the days to come! 🙂