Less is more

I think I am slowly catching up and finally beginning to observe a little more than I used to..I am more aware

I am learning when I need to use a thick or a fine nib while drawing.. just like in life when I need to take the pressure and when to let go..

I am learning that trying to do too much good also may lead to bad…sometimes less is more..

I am learning to look at the canvas/page as a whole and not just the detail that I am currently drawing..just like in life you always need to keep the bigger picture in mind to understand where your actions fit in…

I am learning to be one with my medium and to understand it better in order to get the results that I want…

And I am learning that art teaches you more about life than the other way

And I am learning that one is always learning no matter how much they know 🙂

Where is your sense of humor?

It is sad..Extremely sad..That people have lost their sense of humor..

War is giving rise to more war…which is giving rise to even more misery and sadness…

People have forgotten to take things with a pinch of salt.

Everyone is all about teaching a lesson to the other..

What are we learning and what is our next generation learning?

People fight for things that they don’t completely understand themselves but want to teach to other people..

What can we do to bring the peace back to bring the sanity the serenity the smiles?

Can we no longer “Laugh it off” ? Can we no longer “hug it out”? Can we no longer “agree to disagree”?

Can we no longer be humans? just humans for once? Not from a race, religion, caste, creed or dynasty?

Have we lost the value for everything that we have got?

Its like when you give a gift to a child and tell them “its yours do whatever you want with it”.

And the child breaks it into pieces. Because he feels that there is more where that came from.

Have we lost the value of the beautiful world that we were given (by whoever you might wanna imagine)?

Can’t we make it beautiful?

In the search of a heaven so promised we destroy the heaven that we live in. What fools!

Can’t we look at ourselves before we find faults in other?? Why?

Because we don’t like the truth! We want to blame others for everything that is wrong in our lives..

I plead to people please do something creative with your lives. Develop healthy habits. Spread smiles.
Help as many people as you can.

Make this world a better place!

Public sketching : A fear conquered!

Yes it used to scare the hell out of me. And yes I have tried it a number of times before.

But this time for Melanie Reim’s class I gave it another try. Because her energy was so inspiring! It was contagious!

So here is the story!

I stopped my husband when he was trying to leave in a hurry with his friend to a local bar to watch a football game.

I made him drop me at Walnut street. The street has quite a character and is always bustling with people and also it is a half an hour walk from my place which ensured I couldn’t run back to the safety of my home.

I roamed about at first looking at book shops and mentally deciding whether it would be a good idea or not. And suddenly god decided that I had speculated enough! So he made the weather super chilly.

So I had to go and grab a coffee. And meanwhile I grabbed a little courage too!

I sat on a small table very close to the counter so that I could see all the people standing in line for their coffees and vise versa.

Being inconspicuous was useless. So I decided not to think about it and started.

Some people intentionally moved away and some stayed and posed while I tried to roughly draw them. And one particular guy even came and asked to see what I had drawn. Of course I was a little embarrassed but I showed him what I had drawn. He may or may not have been happy with the drawing but he did smile and said it was good. That is enough for me.

So at the end of the day I had a few pages full of sketches in my Moleskine, something to show in class for homework.

Also I cannot forget the little baby girl in a stroller behind me with her mommy in line to get her coffee. She kept waving at me and then smiling and then I waved at her and she waved back. And then I showed her the henna on my hand and she kept staring at it in surprise. Ha ha she was so adorable!

I felt so happy after the whole experience that I went and grabbed a nice dinner at restaurant near the cafe and then walked all the way back home!

Here are the sketches that I made.

The very first
The very first
Hairstyles and jeans
Hairstyles and jeans
The old man next to me
The old man next to me
some more
some more
The guy who
The guy who posed

Love makes it own traditions

Karva chauth: A day Indian women fast for their husband’s long life. Yes its a damn serious fast: no water no food until the moon comes out!

Surprise surprise! This year my husband decided that he would fast for me and with me. 🙂

Consider me lucky yet?

He also spent the whole day with me. We went out did some grocery shopping and some random chores.

Then he helped me cook the feast for the night when we would un-fast our fasts. He he..

He dressed up in traditional attire and so did I. We prepared the paraphernalia for the prayer. He sat next to me and participated equally.

Then we went out in the search of moon so that we could finally put our misery to an end. But Mr. Moon of course had other plans. So after half an hour of unsuccessful attempts at finding the moon we finally decided that we will look just do the prayer in the approximate direction of the moon and that would be it.

So we did just that and then helped each other to some water. It seemed more romantic than the wine glasses that couples hold at a candle light dinner. Then we fed each other first bites of solid food.

And then we devoured the entire spread to our hearts content. After which we clicked our happy and content faces for the much in vogue selfie.

Then we spoke to our parents and told them about our day.

And so all was well in paradise.

Even though I did not follow the rituals to the T. The whole experience felt very blissful and complete.

And perhaps some of these small little things will become our own traditions for the coming years…

Important notes to self

Thinking about doing something makes it appear far more difficult than actually doing it. So just get down and dirty with whatever you feel like doing.

You often learn very valuable lessons from life and forget them over time. Revision is very very important!! 

Every morning you need to make plans to do something spectacular and magical.

Pray everyday just to send thanks for what you have and love to all those who matter to you.

When you go to bed you should feel that you have done all you wanted to that day and close your eyes with satisfaction and a smile.

Smile like there is love overflowing in your heart and oozing out of your face. Giving a smile always gets you one in return.


Never ignore your gut feeling. It is never wrong! 

Stop trying to be what you were in the past even if it was amazing.

When you feel bad about something get it out of your system and move-on. This is the only way to remain sane.

Re-discover and re-invent yourself often. You will always be surprised at how good it feels.

Do things that bring smile to others but don’t be too serious about it! 😉

And hell have fun! Dance, sing, make crazy faces, make many friends, run, jog and eat heartily.

Be crazy
Be crazy


Crazy couple
Crazy couple

Talk to your mom and remind her how awesome she is!

Remind your dad of his super powers as often as you can. Parents, they seem to forget just like you do! 🙂

All is OK in this world until you start imagining problems in your head. So don’t!

All OK!
All OK!

Making a to-do list helps keep focus on what needs to be done.

Now stop writing this post and get back to your SOP! Grad school won’t wait for your blog post! 😀

Hard confession

Determination to crack one tough nut a day is what I need! 😊

Danny Gregory

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years convincing people that making art is just as natural as breathing. And as easy. 

But maybe I’ve been avoiding the hard truth. That making art can be hard. It can be hard keeping to a habit. Hard pushing past blocks. Hard mastering new media. Hard facing your mistakes. Hard being your own cheerleader. Hard seeing clearly. And hard putting yourself out there.

I’d convinced myself that if I make it seem like the barrier to entry is just a bead curtain that I will be doing people a favor. But when I make it seem easy and you find it hard, you might worry that you are exceptionally untalented or lazy or dumb. Which is far from true. 

The fact is that sometimes making art can be very demanding. 

And that’s okay.

Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s scary…

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