From hate to acceptance

Boot Kamp is throwing challenges after another at us. We have to now polish the bits that we never got right and skipped during the courses.

Continuous line drawings was one of my biggest fears even while I attended Brenda’s class up all through Koosje’s class on selfies using the technique. But I managed to squeeze past the challenge somehow.

And now boot kamp has put me face to face with my fears. I could have ignored it and moved ahead but I have had enough of it winning against me. So I tried.

I filled my Noodler’s creaper with Brown ink and picked up my favourite Fabriano Vanecia sketchbook. I stood in front of the mirror in half dread and half determination.

I looked at my face long and hard before I began scratching my pen on the luxurious paper. I decided where I would like to start and how I would like to move to various parts of the face. After about 3-5 mins I began drawing my first continuous line selfie and in a matter of a couple of minutes I was done.

I absolutely hated what I had just drawn!

I recorded this observation in my sketchbook next to the sketch. And just doing that simple thing helped me move on to the next sketch.

So I started again. This time at different angle and a different pose. I changed the positioning of my hair also a little bit to remove the monotony of drawing the same face again.

This sketch came out looking more human but extremely chubby. I did not like so much but I did not hate it either. I noted this observation and moved on to the next sketch.

This time I moved my hair a little bit more and tried not to lift up my pen at all while drawing. I did not quite succeed at that but the result seemed to have improved from the previous attempt a little more.

And slowly I became more accepting towards my mistakes and towards the technique of continuous line drawings.

Bottom line is that as soon as I let go of my interpretation of failure I am able to move on to doing things rather than feeling bad for myself.

I declare these continuous line selfies as my final works for the Day 5 “3 in 5” challenge in sketchbook skool.

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