Frankly speaking, the whole of last year of my life wouldn’t have been so amazing had it not been for Sketchbook Skool. I have learnt so much!

Not just in technique of making art but also the patience to allow the art to make itself through me. And it is hardly a tribute but I drew 3 out of the many wonderful teachers for the Day 4 of “3 in 5” challenge.

Danny is a man who is stirring up a revolution of art. He believes that all of us are artists and he is determined to make the world get in touch with their art. His connection with art is so spiritual, he feels everything deeply and brings a lot of spontaneity and color to the page.


Prashant is a gently soul. His art is like a poetry. Everything blends into beautiful patterns and connects with your inner child.


Liz is super enthusiastic, bubbly and a tea lover. Her collection of tea cups and their paintings is just amazing. And so are her urban sketches which she makes with such great technique. Her contagious smile and zeal makes you wanna pick your own sketchbook and whip up a sketch like its a piece of cake! 🙂


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