Brush with portraits

So here is the thing, I like to buy pens and notebooks and sketches etc etc writing, painting and sketching and craft supplies are my weakness… You can leave me in a craft store, an office depot, a books store for hours and forget about me 😛

I buy things that I think I might need but I have no idea how to use them. So they keep sitting on my desk. Until one day, in a moment of inspiration, I happen to pick them up and make something.

So the same thing happened with my Pitt Artist Brush Pens..

I bought them in September last year and have just managed to find the right moment to use them.

I picked up the Dark Sepia one and suddenly I felt confident of my strokes.
I felt the connection and just felt ready to start…

I don’t know if anyone else has these moments. But I am only able to create in such bursts.

Anyway, it started as just a nonchalant experiment and ended up being my first activity for the “3 for 5” challenge.

My Sketchbook Skool friend Michele nominated me for this fun and exciting challenge and I mark today as the Day 1 of the challenge.

I present to you brush pen portraits of 3 actors.

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