Where is your sense of humor?

It is sad..Extremely sad..That people have lost their sense of humor..

War is giving rise to more war…which is giving rise to even more misery and sadness…

People have forgotten to take things with a pinch of salt.

Everyone is all about teaching a lesson to the other..

What are we learning and what is our next generation learning?

People fight for things that they don’t completely understand themselves but want to teach to other people..

What can we do to bring the peace back to bring the sanity the serenity the smiles?

Can we no longer “Laugh it off” ? Can we no longer “hug it out”? Can we no longer “agree to disagree”?

Can we no longer be humans? just humans for once? Not from a race, religion, caste, creed or dynasty?

Have we lost the value for everything that we have got?

Its like when you give a gift to a child and tell them “its yours do whatever you want with it”.

And the child breaks it into pieces. Because he feels that there is more where that came from.

Have we lost the value of the beautiful world that we were given (by whoever you might wanna imagine)?

Can’t we make it beautiful?

In the search of a heaven so promised we destroy the heaven that we live in. What fools!

Can’t we look at ourselves before we find faults in other?? Why?

Because we don’t like the truth! We want to blame others for everything that is wrong in our lives..

I plead to people please do something creative with your lives. Develop healthy habits. Spread smiles.
Help as many people as you can.

Make this world a better place!

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