Love makes it own traditions

Karva chauth: A day Indian women fast for their husband’s long life. Yes its a damn serious fast: no water no food until the moon comes out!

Surprise surprise! This year my husband decided that he would fast for me and with me. πŸ™‚

Consider me lucky yet?

He also spent the whole day with me. We went out did some grocery shopping and some random chores.

Then he helped me cook the feast for the night when we would un-fast our fasts. He he..

He dressed up in traditional attire and so did I. We prepared the paraphernalia for the prayer. He sat next to me and participated equally.

Then we went out in the search of moon so that we could finally put our misery to an end. But Mr. Moon of course had other plans. So after half an hour of unsuccessful attempts at finding the moon we finally decided that we will look just do the prayer in the approximate direction of the moon and that would be it.

So we did just that and then helped each other to some water. It seemed more romantic than the wine glasses that couples hold at a candle light dinner. Then we fed each other first bites of solid food.

And then we devoured the entire spread to our hearts content. After which we clicked our happy and content faces for the much in vogue selfie.

Then we spoke to our parents and told them about our day.

And so all was well in paradise.

Even though I did not follow the rituals to the T. The whole experience felt very blissful and complete.

And perhaps some of these small little things will become our own traditions for the coming years…

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